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The Compliance Portal enables our trading partners to view shipping related compliance issues, download the details and manage chargeback disputes.

We ask you to use the Compliance Portal exclusively for submitting compliance disputes, status updates or looking up chargeback copies.

Compliance Portal Administrators: Please notify your company associates you are responsible for setting up new users and maintaining existing user accounts.

All Compliance Portal Users: Please note your account will be deactivated if you fail to log into the portal within 90 days. You must log in on a regular basis (every 90 days) to keep your account active. If your account is inactive or you do not know your user ID please contact your company administrator to reset your account.

New Users: If you are not a registered user please contact your company administrator.
Note: If you do not know your compliance portal administrator - please send an email with your company name and vendor number to Supplier Compliance.

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